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期間限定のオンラインストアです。次回のオープンは2020年4月の予定です。We open our next online store in April 2020.

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About us

(Scroll down for English)「アトリエ・インドシン」は、信州の拠点と、インドシナを行ったりきたりしながら服を作っている小さなアトリエです。


"Atelier Indochine" is a small atelier located in Nagano, Japan, at which we design, make patterns for, and hand-dye women’s clothing using all-natural materials and dyestuffs.

We travel for a few months each year in Asia to source interesting and natural fabrics.

We tailor clothes from natural materials: linen, kadhi and organic cotton, and hand-made fabrics found throughout Asia, which we then dye by hand, one by one, with natural plant-based dyes.

▶︎お支払いと発送につきまして / Shipping & payment info


We accept payment via PayPal and square using VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express and Discover credit cards.



◎国際配送もEMSにて承ります。重量とお届け先により、料金が異なります。Overseas shipments will be by EMS (Express Mail Service). The cost of shipment will be determined by package weight and destination.

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ストアご利用に関してよくあるご質問はこちらをご覧ください。Visit this page for our online store FAQ.

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More about how to order, please click "How to order" on the bottom of this page.

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Visit this page for washing instruction.

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